How to Get Freelance Writing Jobs for Airlines

You can’t go wrong with this idea. Need to find something to write about? Use the public domain and search for a particular place or trending topic!

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Making money with your first book is not very likely – at least not right away. From the second or third book on it gets easier, but still it might take years – if ever – until you can make a living as an author.
Don’t get discouraged, there are lots of niches were you can earn faster money with your writing, compared to books: Writing for magazines. Especially airline magazines represent real opportunity for freelance writers. Despite contractions in the airline industry, in-flight magazines still attract many readers, and they are mostly written by freelancers.

Airline magazines
The best thing about writing for in-flight magazines is that each one is different. Some of them – such
as Sky for Delta Airlines – feature restaurant reviews, fiction stories, regular columns and technology
articles in addition to a cornucopia of other topics. Other inflight magazines are focused primarily…

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